All Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services are performed by ACE personnel with environmental science and/or industrial hygiene experience and backgrounds. IAQ issues may arise from on-site chemical storage, furnishing/carpet off-gassing, and water intrusions leading to fungal contamination and subsequent dissemination of contaminants via HVAC systems. Absolutely Clean Environment, Inc. utilizes NIOSH and OSHA approved sampling methods and real-time sampling equipment to ascertain the extent of contamination and potential sources. ACE references the most recent recommended exposure standards as published by the American Industrial Hygiene Association, (AIHA), American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) and publications presented in the Environmental Health Perspectives (EPH) periodical.

Ambient Air Monitoring/Indoor Air Pollutants: Monitoring is performed utilizing real time data loggers and/or other NIOSH or OSHA approved sampling methods to detect various types of toxicants. Sampling protocols are based upon complaints and/or symptoms stated by occupants. Common parameters and/or pollutants monitored include:


TemperatureVolatile Organic CompoundsParticulates – NOS
Relative HumidityFormaldehydeHydrogen Sulfite H2S
Carbon Dioxide CO2PCBSulfur Dioxide SO2
Carbon Monoxide CORadonPesticides
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2AsbestosFungal Allergens


Sick Building Syndrome Assessments: To determine non-specific building sickness associated with building occupancy, Absolutely Clean Environment, Inc. conducts occupant interviews to determine symptoms and periods of occurrence; review of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of in-house chemicals; thorough inspections of HVAC systems, along with building pressurization relationships affecting air quality.

This information is compiled into a comprehensive report outlining our findings of the investigation, recommendations for corrective action and/or specific sampling protocols necessary to further evaluate the indoor environment.

Industrial Hygiene – Health and Safety Workplace Assessments:

To determine potential unsafe working conditions and/or unknown illness associated with building system operations and/or employee job functions, Absolutely Clean Environment, Inc. conducts occupant interviews; review of Health and Safety Plan; training logs; review of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), in-house chemical storage methods; work area inspections; inspections of HVAC systems, along with building and/or work area pressurization relationships.

This evaluation can be utilized to provide corrective actions by an employer in order to comply with OSHA work place safety requirements.

Personnel Exposure Monitoring: Entails observing and cataloging work procedures associated with hazardous material handling/processing. To determine worker exposure passive and/or aggressive air monitoring at employee workstation and breathing zone is performed to determine exposure levels.

Water Testing: Absolutely Clean Environment, Inc. performs water testing in compliance with the USEPA Safe Drinking Water Act to determine Maximum Contaminant Levels and/or Health Advisory Levels within drinking water. Testing parameters include but are not limited to:

  • Microbial
  • Inorganic Compounds
  • Metals
  • Volatile & Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Pesticides
  • Physical properties