Absolutely Clean Environment, Inc. provides the following Lead-Based Paint related services:

Lead Paint Survey/Inspections: Lead-based paint surveys and inspections are performed by collecting suspect paint chip samples for laboratory analysis. A report is generated containing descriptions of the surveyed areas, location and quantity of lead painted surfaces, sample analysis results, drawings, cost estimate for response recommendations.

Lead Paint Hazard Risk Assessment: Surface wipe samples are collected and site observations are made by an EPA certified risk assessor to determine if a lead paint hazard exists.

Project Design: When a lead-based paint hazard has been determined to exist within a building or private residence; removal, encapsulation and/or enclosure may be required. A project design includes development of a project manual, working drawings for competitive bidding purposes.

Personnel (Worker) Monitoring: Dependent on the potential for exposure to lead dust, OSHA regulations require that a worker must be monitored for potential airborne exposure to lead-based particles while working in their prospective fields. Monitoring is performed to determine worker respiratory protection and to establish safe work practices.

Lead Abatement Clearance Sampling: Following a lead paint hazard abatement activity, confirmatory sampling of affected areas is conducted via wipe sampling to permit safe re-occupancy of an affected area. A final report is prepared.