Investigations are performed to locate and isolate sources of water intrusion as a primary step to mitigate mold contamination within an occupied space. Confirming the presence and extent of mold related contamination and to evaluate potential health concerns is accomplished via visual investigation, probing, and environmental sampling of substrates and/or the air. A qualified mycology laboratory performs analysis and incubation of collected samples for the presence of viable and non-viable components of fungal contamination. Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction analysis is available for all sampling parameters by the laboratory utilized by ACE. ACE personnel hold certificates of training in Microbial Consulting by the American Council of Accredited Consultants, and are educated in the field of mycology, microbiology.

ACE conducts on going inspections for mold contamination during the construction of high rise buildings in New York City. This work entails the training of in-house construction staff, weekly inspections of all susceptible surfaces and quality assurance report preparation for observed water damage and mold growth during 1-2 year construction projects.